Master programme (M.Sc.) in GPS Technology 4th semester


Master Thesis in GPS Technology


February 1 - June 30


To document that the student independently or in a small group is capable of planning and completing a project at a technically high level. The final thesis must document the student’s ability to apply scientific theories and methods at a high level.

This semester is dedicated exclusively to the master thesis project work and hence no courses are given.


  • Analysis and optimization aspects of the delay lock loop and Kalman filter in a GPS receiver for kinematic positioning
  • Realtime kinematic differential GNSS
  • A software-defined receiver
  • Attitude determination using GNSS
  • Kalman Filtering for various positioning applications
  • Multi-system (GPS, Galileo, EGNOS, etc.) positioning related topics

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The project is carried out individually or in small groups of a maximum of three members. At least one internal supervisor is assigned, who deals with the primary technical area of the project in his or her research. Furthermore, additional supervisiors from e.g. the industry may be involved in the project. Project is documented in form of a project report.


The project unit is evaluated through an oral exam held on basis of a prepared project report. An external censor takes part in the evaluation. For a further description of the examination please consult the descriptions in the general study regulations.

Each student is marked individually according to the grading scale.

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