Master programme (M.Sc.) in GPS Technology 2nd semester


GPS Fundamentals and Algorithms


February 1 - June 30


  • To enable the student to perform an analysis and advanced use of basic GPS equipment (hardware and/or software), both with respect to design and functionality
  • To give the student a comprehension of the available GPS observations and algorithms for processing them to obtain estimates of position, velocity, and time
  • To provide the student with a comprehension of coordinate frames and systems

The purpose is to give the student an understanding of basic theories and methods used in GPS. The student should understand the fundamental operation concepts of GPS, and should be able to apply the theories and methods for implementing general-purpose receiver positioning algorithms.


The project is to be based on a specific GPS application. GPS is analyzed with respect to the chosen application. One sub-problem is selected for thorough investigation. Most often direct observations can be collected and analyzed. Different solution strategies are investigated and compared. The chosen solution is most often to be implemented in Matlab.


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The project unit consists of a selection of PE courses along with a student-governed problem oriented project work.

Project is documented in form of a project report.

A number of courses supporting the project will be offered.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SE, common course for the semester)
Basic GPS Theory (SE)
Reference Frames and Basic Units (PE)
Datum and Geoid (PE)


The external oral examination is based on the prepared project report. Each student is marked individually according to the grading scale.

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