Master programme (M.Sc.) in GPS Technology 1st semester

The first semester is common for a number of specializations. Students from GPS Technology follow the Introduction semester together with students from other specializations within the E-Study board.

Along with attending lectures of the Introduction semester, the students will have to complete a semester project (see Work Methods at AAU). Students (from the same specialization) form groups and work together on the chosen project topic. In a case when there are too few students in one specialization, students from different specializations may be put together in one group. In such case the project topic may not necessary focus on GPS Technology.

The GPS oriented projects focus on familiarization with GPS equipment and basic operation of GPS. Projects on this semester usually include one or more of the following topics:

  • Use of GPS (GNSS) receivers for basic applications
  • Implementations of basic positioning algorithms in embedded platforms (small microcontrollers, Java, C or assembler programming)
  • Remote subject/object monitoring/tracking (by use of radio links or mobile communications)
  • GPS receiver and/or the system (satellites) monitoring applications
  • Visualization/presentation of GPS measurements (by use of a PC or a mobile device application or an Internet homepage)

The list is not exclusive and we encourage students to come up with their own ideas.

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