Introduction semester

All of the programmes under the Study Board for Electronics and Information Technology consist of four semesters. The first semester is a common Introductory Semester followed by three semesters consisting of a chosen specialization.

The purposes of the introductory semester are:

  • To give the foreign students an understanding of the problem-based learning method used at AAU.
  • To give the foreign students a solid experience with project work in relation to ways of presenting problems within the areas: Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, together with the corresponding documentation (report writing).
  • To give the foreign students sufficient knowledge in specific areas in relation to their choice of specialisation.
  • To ensure that the foreign students achieve a sufficient professional level required to proceed with their chosen specialisation.


In connection with the project unit, courses in Matlab, C-programming, introduction to IT-infra structure, English, techniques for project word report and communication are held. Furthermore, courses with a common platform to the specialisations are held depending upon need.


  • Statistics II
  • Introduction to Stochastic Processes
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Statistical Signal Processing
  • Communication on Noisy Channels
  • Project Organized Problem Based Learning
  • English Communication
  • Matlab Programming (Free Study Activity)


The evaluation of the introductory semester includes an entrance examination to the following 3-semester specialization.

Admission requirements

B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering or equivalent, English proficiency test (IELTS test) - minimum scores required: 6.5.

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