Statements from students concerning the GPS master programme

“I chose the M.Sc. GPS study because the topic was interesting for me and the studies were a very good chance to get some international experience. I was faced with many challenges: The English language, different people, working with different kind of projects, and even the daily life at a new place. After I returned to Lithuania I got a job perfectly related to my education, my position now being a senior engineer. I simply remember staying in Denmark as the best time of my life,”
Saulius Prizginas, Lithuania


“Choosing the M.Sc. in GPS Technology at Aalborg University was a very difficult task for me because I had to forgo a lucrative job back in Ghana and an offer to do a research course in the UK, but the curriculum at Aalborg was so attractive I simply couldn’t ignore it. The curriculum is focused on the technology itself rather than the application of the technology. This makes the Aalborg programme a unique one, - in fact, I’m yet to see a similar master programme at any university. Aalborg University’s style of study, problem-oriented project-organized studies, is very challenging to me. This type of study serves as a great link between the academic and professional worlds. The academic atmosphere is highly stimulating and helps the students to sustain motivation and inspire creative and critical thinking, and I find the university environment very friendly. I now have the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment which is useful to me as a foreign student. The exposure I’m getting in group work, projects and presentations, is definitely going to help me develop into a top class engineer. I am very confident that, upon completion of the programme here in Aalborg, I will have gained the necessary skills and knowledge in the profession I have chosen,”
Stephen N. Asamoah, Ghana


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