ELITE Continuing Engineering Education - a GPS roadshow

DGC has for the AAU continuing engineering education programme, ELITE, developed a two-day's GPS course which partly contains of a theoretical/informative part and  a part based on  MatlabTM exercises. The course is described below and be complete anywhere with six weeks' notice.

Other courses can be designed on request...

Introduction and objectives

For years there has been a demand from industry and practice for having a gentle introduction to the basics of GPS. GPS makes up a whole new technology and we focus on selected topics that we believe make a good start.


A basic understanding of linear systems and random signal theory and a thorough familiarity with linear algebra principles.

Course contents

  • The Ideas Behind the System 
  • Signal Structure and Signal Transmission 
  • Navigation Messages and Ephemerides
  • Computation of Satellite Position
  • Receiver Position
  • Random Process
  • State-Space Modeling 
  • Recursive Least Squares
  • Kalman Filter, heuristic derivation
  • Bayes Filter
  • MATLABs Serial Port Interface
  • Mathematical Models for Positioning: Single Point, Differential GPS
  • Ambiguity Resolution 
  • Error Sources: Orbit, Ionosphere, Troposphere, Site/Antenna Effects, Noise
  • GPS and UMTS: A comparison for location estimation


ELITE has changed name to CPD-Aalborg - Continuing Professional Development. For more information see CPD homepage.

Danish GPS Center, Fredrik Bajers Vej 7C, DK-9220 Aalborg Ø, Denmark, Tel +45 9940 8362, E-mail: gpscenter(at)gps.aau.dk