A geodetic GPS setup
GPS antenna and radio link antenna on a mast


The center has a new laboratory for GPS and indoor positioning projects. On the roof of the lab a number of GPS antennas are installed; this facilitates  GPS measurements at any time and under any weather conditions from inside  the laboratory.


DGC has a range of GPS receivers and antennas – from cheap, consumer class to expensive, dual frequency professional equipment. There are also supplementary equipment for various GPS antenna installations, radio data links for data exchange etc.

FPGA, DSP development boards and radio front-ends are available for GNSS receiver development. Also microcontroller development boards are available for other kinds of projects.

DGC is using additional equipment like signal generators, professional RF measurement equipment and components.

Other facilities

DGC operates a GPS reference receiver which continuously logs dual-frequency observations. These data can be used for different types of projects including research of tectonic plates motions.

The DGC maintains good relationships with institutions and companies scattered around the globe. It is possible for the center to get access to data, equipment or support information outside Aalborg University.

DGC laboratory
GNSS receivers and professional antennas
DGC laboratory
DGC laboratory
A GNSS receiver under development

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